Wednesday, May 9, 2007

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Thank you for visiting our Science Fiction Listing Service Blog.

Please, list any seminar that you know of pertaining to Science Fiction Conventions, big or small, anywhere in the world! This blog is dedicated to Blars because he was so very helpful in doing this in the early days of the internet. Blars, I hope you can visit and offer your extensive knowledge and help!

We will scour the internet but if something slips by (or we haven't heard of it yet ;) just let us know!


If You Go, Let Us Know!

Pam Hoffman & Jeff Miller

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Jeff Miller said...

I've been going to cons since the late 70s and have been working cons since the 80s (the Crawford cons were wonderful, RIP). The last con that I worked was AgamemCon where I was one of the three backers and the Program Director for its 5 year run.

Now I just go to cons to have fun. It's hard. I keep being tempted to dig in and start working the cons that I attend. Fortunatly, the sane part of my mind has said, "put that bong down." So far, I've listened. I don't know how long I'll remain on the wagon.

The observant among you might consider this blog to be a bit of a backslide. But it's not. Trust me, I can handle it. I can do just a little work in the con field....